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Cloud migration

From planning and designing a cloud migration strategy, to accelerating the process, and optimizing for ongoing performance, Dynatrace helps ensure and measure the success of your cloud migration projects.

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Plan Better

Accelerate your cloud migration process

The Dynatrace platform helps engineering teams better understand existing infrastructure and application architecture to ensure an effective and cost-efficient cloud migration strategy.

  • Leverage insights to assess which cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes or serverless functions are best suited to your needs.
  • Map dependencies, patterns and current usage with Smartscape before refactoring applications.
  • Make informed decisions about how to architect microservices and prioritize workload migration.

Move Faster

Optimize performance throughout the migration process

Minimize performance degradation and ensure optimal performance throughout each migration cycle with granular before-and-after performance data.

  • Instantly identify the root cause of migration issues to help accelerate resolution and minimize business impact.
  • Quickly find security vulnerabilities and remediate them before they become real issues

Operate Simpler

Maximize the performance of migrated applications

As companies migrate to the cloud, they leverage microservices, containers, serverless technologies and many other dynamic capabilities, increasing flexibility and creating observability challenges. The Dynatrace software intelligence platform helps them overcome these issues with:

  1. Powerful causal AI to identify the root cause of issues allowing teams to pro-actively identify and resolve issues before they impact customers;
  2. Integrated automation engine to automatically discover all microservices and to automatically take action when issues arise;
  3. Deep integration into DevOps pipelines to increase the speed and quality of the software development process.

Get Insights

Obtain essential insights for better assessment and planning

  • In just minutes, automatically create a complete, interactive dependency map of application components across the entire stack.
  • Identify data repositories and activity.
  • Determine external resources and dependencies.

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