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Container monitoring

Real-time observability into dynamic container environments

What is container monitoring?

Container monitoring is the process of collecting metrics, traces, logs, and other observability data to improve the health and performance of containerized applications. Monitoring Docker containers is inherently challenging due to their highly dynamic nature. Having real-time insights and actionable answers on how to remedy anomalies helps DevOps and container platform teams automate container operations and focus on innovation.

Tame your containerized applications

With automatic workload instrumentation in dynamic container environments, collect high fidelity observability data and trace every transaction without blind-spots across multicloud and hybrid environments. Automate problem remediation with AI-assisted root cause analysis and focus on innovation instead.

Many container workloads, one agent

While other monitoring solutions require an agent for every different technology, Dynatrace sees it all with a single agent. With the Dynatrace OneAgent you don’t need to know what’s running in every Docker container, and you don’t need to modify container images or code. Just install the OneAgent and Dynatrace does the rest.

Auto discover containers

Dynatrace automatically creates a complete, real-time topology of your container environment. We discover all your containers and what’s running inside of them, and we know when containers are spun up or down, so your topology is always up to date.

We’ve got you covered

Regardless of which technologies you are using to orchestrate and run your containers, Dynatrace can tell you exactly what’s going on. We go beyond just simple infrastructure metrics to tell you about your application, user experience, and business transactions.

Dynatrace is a G2 Leader in Container monitoring

Dynatrace has been named a Leader among products in Container monitoring. These user ratings reflect the advantage of Dynatrace’s all-in-one-platform, which was made for IT, DevOps, and digital experience use cases, and built on a unified data model to enable increased automation and intelligence.
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Powerful core technologies

Get precise answers and automation through hypermodal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

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Monitoring a microservice and containerized environment with traditional monitoring tools is both cumbersome and ineffective. Dynatrace’s ability to give container level metrics and application performance with a single install on the host dramatically reduces the effort required to maintain our environment.
Mark kaplan 300 148e064fff Mark Kaplan Senior Director IT at BARBRI Inc.

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