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What is VMware Cloud on AWS?

VMware Cloud on AWS is a vSphere-based cloud service. This new service brings VMware's enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software to the AWS cloud.

Run your applications across vSphere-based private, public and hybrid cloud environments. VMware delivers, sells and supports this as an on-demand, elastically scalable service. With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, IT teams can quickly derive business value. Dynatrace is a VMware Cloud on AWS launch partner.

Dynatrace is vmware cloud ready

Full-stack monitoring for your private- public or hybrid VMware deployments

Gain a deep understanding of dynamic hybrid-cloud environments spanning your on-premise vSphere based infrastructure and the AWS public cloud. Connect the dots between the dependencies of the vCenters in your datacenter, the processes that run on them, and your applications—all with a single solution.

Proven solution: VMware on AWS Cloud ecosystem launch partner & AWS Advanced Technology partner

As an official VMware Cloud on AWS ecosystem partner, Dynatrace natively supports your hybrid VMware environments out of the box. AI powered, full stack and automated, Dynatrace is fully integrated with AWS and a longstanding Advanced Technology Partner.

Understand the impact of vMotion events into AWS cloud

Monitor the migration of running virtual machines from on-premises infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. Dynatrace not only detects these events, it automatically learns the baseline performance of your application—response times, error rates, and behavior under load—for both your backend services and user experience at the browser level. If a code deployment results in unusually high resource consumption, you’ll be notified instantly.

Hands free monitoring for all your virtualized environments

Deploy new virtual machines anywhere and anytime you want. Dynatrace is intelligent enough to adjust to your infrastructure changes automatically – no matter if you move to or deploy VM workloads in AWS cloud or your private data center. You’ll never have to worry about adjusting your dashboards or monitoring configurations again—Dynatrace handles it all for you.

Single pane of glass view of all your VMware deployments

Monitor highly dynamic virtualized environments with one screen – no matter if you deployed them on premise or in the AWS cloud.

Dynatrace monitoring allows you to see the dependencies of vCenters in your datacenter and the AWS Cloud. It visualizes the processes that run in these vCenters and provides performance metrics of your virtualized applications in the Dynatrace application monitoring dashboard. This dashboard delivers clear insights into the dynamic relationships between applications, services, processes, and hosts in VMware hybrid environments – from a single pane of glass.

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