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Answer-driven automations

Accelerate digital transformation with simple yet powerful automations driven by observability and security insights.

Answers and intelligent automations to help you:

  • Improve production reliability

  • Deliver secure, high quality software faster

  • Enhance BizDevSecOps collaboration

Use cases that drive DevSecOps

Reduce MTTR with closed loop remediation

Get back to a steady state quickly by automatically triggering remediation workflows when events such as service degradations, performance bottlenecks, and security vulnerabilities are detected.

Enhance collaboration with targeted notifications

Ensure the right teams are automatically notified with the context they need to understand any changes to the environment—including deployment changes, system updates, problems, or security incidents.

Improve production reliability with automations

Proactively avoid service degradation and negative end user impact by ensuring service or application changes made with critical dependencies are automatically verified against key metrics, SLOs, and security data.

Stop bad code and vulnerabilities with continuous release validation

Improve quality and security and reduce costs by continuously validating software in pre-production against pre-defined quality criteria and SLOs.

Deploy safely with progressive delivery

Reduce risk of failed releases through intelligent automations of canary releases, blue/green deployments, and toggling of feature flags, including triggering rollbacks and remediation when necessary.

See how Dynatrace drives DevOps and SRE use cases

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Powerful core technologies

Get precise answers and automation through hypermodal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

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By providing advanced observability across our DevOps processes and app delivery pipelines, Dynatrace allows us to see the smoke before the fire starts to burn. We can stop bad code from ever reaching production, so it never becomes a problem.
Simon pilar Simon Pilar Director of IT Operations at Clario

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