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Business Analytics

Make data-driven decisions and improve business processes and outcomes with precise analytics that deliver real-time business observability.

Simplify critical, real-time business decisions with precision, speed, and context

Easily capture critical business data, without code changes, and unify it with IT data at massive scale for powerful analytics to answer challenging business questions with accuracy and clarity.

Track, analyze, and optimize business processes

Track business KPIs, detect process anomalies, and prioritize optimization opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce process errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

Prioritize improvements and automate remediation based on business impact

Drive business decisions and align BizDevOps stakeholders with insights into which efforts have the greatest business impact, tailored to your industry and business KPIs.

Analyze and report on business health

Instantly analyze business data with full context to gain real-time visibility into business KPIs and metrics, track business trends over time, and answer any business question with real-time analysis, exploration, and querying of data.

Customize solutions for your organization

Tailor business analytics to your organization with out-of-the-box and custom-built applications for your business tools and critical focus areas.

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We're thankful for a partner like Dynatrace for supporting our growth and efforts to provide excellent digital experiences for our guests.
Sagi Varghese Senior Director for IT Services, at Spirit Airlines

Extend your team’s value with expertise-based data analysis and recommendations

The Business Insights team combines deep Dynatrace expertise with a turnkey big data platform to go beyond application performance and unlock more value to drive business decisions. Our combination of technology, visualization and expertise will help you communicate, interrogate and act to optimize your business outcomes.

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Powerful core technologies

Get precise answers and automation through hypermodal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

End-to-end observability through one unified platform

See how we cover it all in one automatic, AI-powered platform.

End-to-end observability through one unified platform